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I took my Chevy Suburban to 6 other mechanics including Ryan's Automotive and the Chevy dealer in Fairfield and CME Auto Repair was the only mechanic that was able to accurately diagnose what the problem was with my car. They know what they are doing and the price is fair. I live in Fairfield but I will continue to take my car to CME in Vacaville for service. - Soccer M.

It's rare to find an auto repair shop that doesn't try to squeeze a few extra dollars out of you, especially in these tough economic times. The check engine light in my Acura had come on--only the second time it's happened in the 10 years of owning the car. The last time it happened, I ended up replacing my O2 sensor. It came on a few days after I recharged the K&N filter. Thinking it was the problematic O2 sensor, I dreaded paying another couple hundred dollars to replace it. I found CME Smog & Auto Repair on Yelp and was impressed with the reviews, so I brought the car in to get it checked out. A few seconds after I explained the situation, they told me to check the fuel tank cap for any hairline cracks in the rubber seal. From what they've seen, a broken seal caused 90% of the lights coming on. They told me to first tighten the cap beyond the three clicks, at least 7-10 clicks when the fuel level is between 3/4 to 1/4 full. If the problem is the cap, the light should go off by itself in a few days. I was pleasantly surprised. As soon as I went back out to the car, I checked the cap and found two small cracks in the seal. I left the shop and felt like a winner.

The next day I bought a new fuel tank cap and replaced the broken one, then tightened it to 7 clicks. A few days passed and the light had not come off. I brought it back a couple days later for an oil change and the technician ran a quick diagnostic and found that the check engine light may be attributed to cylinder firing timing being off. They told me that the fuel tank cap isn't the likely culprit. Great, I thought to myself. This was going to be expensive. I went ahead and scheduled an appointment to drop the car off the following week and was ready to drop the dough. Two days before my scheduled appointment, I had refueled the tank once since buying the new fuel tank cap. Low and behold, shortly after starting the car in my work parking lot, the check engine light disappears. CME was right, although it did take almost a week for the light to go off and a bit of a scare. - Michael C.

I have a 2001 Chevy Suburban that kept making a rattling sound. I took it to 7 different mechanics, one of them was the Fairfield Chevy dealership that tried to rip me off by saying that I needed all the joints under the truck replaced. This was going to cost me $1700. I also took it to Ryan's Automotive in Fairfield and they said it was my catalytic convertor and that was going to be around $1600. I finally took it to Cme and they were able to determine with certainty what was wrong with it, the transfer case. They are very honest and knowledgeable people. - Soccer M.

Absolutely one of the best experiences in auto repair. This place doesn't look like anything special and I have probably driven by it a hundred times and never seen it. I only went there because of the reviews from yelp. In short this is a place which does the job right for a fair price, I will definitely return even though there are places that are more convenient. - Alan J.

Great and honest place to get your car repaired. I've been there twice and left both times a very satisfied customer. - Everett B.

I've never been to a more honest shop next to my old Honda dealership in Fairfied. Scott at CME is a great person to work with. We have been taking both of our cars to CME for several years now after getting repeatedly ripped off at another shop in town. If you want honesty and great work done, use these guys. - Jennifer D.

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! Absolutely LOVE Kerry, both Matt's, all the guys who work there! I have had more car problems than a little bit ! They have always explained fully what's going on and why, taken car of the problem quickly and are understanding when you can't afford it and need to pay later but I think what I love about them most is they don't try to nickel and dime you! The fix small details w/o being asked or charging sometimes... I truly cannot say enough great things about these guys! I refer everybody I know there and they all have had great experiences as well! I refuse to take my car anywhere else! - Heather L.

Can't say enough good things about this place. They helped us in a tight spot that required changing the engine in our car. They were so professional and helpful meeting out needs. Special kudos to Kerry (sp) for putting it all together.  Car was put back together right and no more problems. Been there a couple other times and will remain loyal customer.  They rock! - Tim P.

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